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What you do is complicated

You're the one responsible for getting customers to the event. But you just need a bit more:

  • Time
  • Resources
  • Know-how
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We've created a platform that allows you to centralize your event marketing and PR in one place.

Plan your event

Create and plan the publication of your events from the platform and publish, modify and delete it everywhere, with just one click.

Publish on social media

An essential in today's digital marketing. Publish your event and posts on your social media.


You can see how many people have seen your event on various platforms and which one dragged more customers to your live event.

Send press releases or invites

Send information and/or invite journalists or influencers who might be interested by your event.

Promote your event in 4 easy steps!

Julie Renson
" As an event organizer, the most nerve-wracking moment for me was when the event was ready to start and you had to wait and see if your effort paid off and if clients were coming. "

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